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Carry an umbrella. The pigs are flying.


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Carry an umbrella. The pigs are flying.

Well, I've finally done what I've always claimed I wouldn't do: I bought a website for my business.  Time after time, I've told salesmen and clients, "I'll get a website when pigs fly."  Boy, our windshields are going to get messy.
My daughter has road-trip-sleeping all figured out.I have always had a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, so I really didn't see the need to spend money or time on a separate website.  What good would it do?  Why would anyone WANT to go to a CPA's website?  Nothing but tax updates and accounting pronouncements.  Most people can get to sleep just fine on their own without my help, so the possibility of a business website was relegated into the lowest slot on my Business Needs List. 
Then entered the One-Month-Free Promotion from Vistaprint.  I was ordering new business cards and folders when I clicked the button for a month of free website hosting.  Not sure why.  I just did it.  Maybe there were a couple of hogs sprouting wings nearby.  Or maybe I was hungry and thought that eating my own words would be a good filler.  Either way, I clicked the button.  "I'll just cancel it next month," I thought.
That was last Friday.  Yesterday, I surfed over to my website's dashboard just to look around and contemplate the timing of the pending cancellation.  Instead, I was greeted with unexpected news: my website had 12 views.  TWELVE.  In just 4 days. 
That's when panic hit me.  Nothing was on my website!  Want to know how fast I can type  a business name, address, and phone number?  Pretty.  Doggone.  Fast.
Needless to say I've decided to keep this little cyber-kingdom.  My goal is to provide visitors with relevant, interesting, useful, and sometimes entertaining accounting information.  There are already plenty of sleep-aids and overly boring accounting sites on the market, so let's try something a little different, shall we?
So, WELCOME!  And please accept my apology for any encounters with annoying airborne bacon. 
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