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Be sure to check back for more updates and useful links to tax and accounting resources.

(Seriously, I'm working on it. I wouldn't lie to you.)


Want to know the status of your refund? Get your tax return handy.

Federal tax refund - click here.

State tax refund - click here.

Need to make an estimated tax payment?

Here are the federal forms and the state forms.

2019 Federal Income Tax Bracketsplus lots of other pertinent information like capital gains tax rates, AMT brackets, and more.

Taxgirl - This chick writes one heckuva-good tax blog. She's almost as fun as me. Almost.

OBAMACARE. If your business has over $500,000 in gross receipts, you must provide one of these notices to your employees. Whether you offer insurance, or you don't

The best tax benefits for a charitable donation are those contributions made under the West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). Get a federal deduction and a state credit! The School of Harmony still has credits available for 2013.

For those hardcore tax nerds:

Internal Revenue Code by Cornell University

2018 Guidebook to WV Taxes by WVSCPA


Every business owner needs to get on speaking terms with the WV Code. Laws are important.

My favorite loan amortization calculator. It's easy to use and accurate to boot.

Are all your business filings up to date? Better do a quick search with the Secretary of State.

My own Work Is So Taxing board on Pinterest. I pin everything from coffee jokes to tax blogs.

To shop for health insurance (required by Obamacare beginning Jan. 1, 2014) you can go to the online marketplace. You must buy health insurance or pay a penalty. (Repealed for 2019.)

Owe back taxes to WV? Figure the interest and additions using this calculator.

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