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Tax Resources

Want to check your refund status? Have your tax return ready.

- For Federal tax refund status, click here.

- For State tax refund status, click here.

For dedicated tax enthusiasts:

- Access the Internal Revenue Code by Cornell University.

- Refer to the 2023 Guidebook to WV Taxes by WVSCPA.

Calculating back taxes to WV?

- Utilize this calculator to determine interest and additional amounts.


- Taxgirl - This author maintains an engaging tax blog.

General Business Resources

- Every business owner should familiarize themselves with the WV Code as laws hold significant importance.

- Ensure your business filings are current. Conduct a swift search using the Secretary of State's resources.

- Discover my preferred loan amortization calculator – user-friendly and highly accurate.

- For health insurance shopping (mandatory under Obamacare since January 1, 2014), visit the online marketplace

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